• 1
    • CTI Classic
    • Skirmish

      Enter the daring world of monsters and high adventure! In this CTI set you can fap your enemies to death, grow your powers and fap more enemies to death while trying to achieve the Holy Grail of Fapdom, the Legendary Orgasm!
    • Follow the Queen

      Follow The Queen was designed to add a bit of fun to a tease by incorporating a poker theme and a deck of cards. The cards add some randomness to the tease and offer a chance to play a "mini game". Can you cum before the cards run out?
    • Dancing on the Edge

      Dancing on the edge is a standalone set that has high emphasis on edging. If edging a lot is your thing then this set is just the right one for you ;)
    • In Development
    • School Scenario

      School Scenario is a deck with cards and punishment involving everyday classroom activities. Try to maintain your grade to please your Mistress.
    • Dungeon Seeker

      The Minotaure is vanished an the fear is beginning to vanish, too. Seekers start to invade the maze in the search of valuables, not knowing, which new evil has infested this place.
    • CyberSpunk 2069

      Based on the beloved Skirmish Set. Fap against evil corporations, cyberpsychos, headhunters, gangs and artificial intelligence in a dystopian cyberpunk setting.
    • CTI 2