CTI 2.Number 0131, wintermute.Core Set.Stroke It!.01.01

Cards from the Core Set set.

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CTI 2 Card:

Core Set
Stroke It!

Gender: Neutral ⚲
Card Number: 1
Suffix: 01
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Author: Number 0131, wintermute

Downloads: 126
Keys earned: 1.26
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Gender: Female
Type: Switch
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Card Creator


Your stroking count is halved.
/**Author: Number0131
 * Description:
 * This Cards halves the strokerate
 * The picture is determined by the choosen gender preferences:
 * (Female, Trap, Male)
 * The chance to draw this card gets higher if your stroke/time ratio is high.

package Teaseviewer.Cards.CoreSet.Stroke_It;

import Teaseviewer.CTI2.Mechanics.Tags.MetaDB;
import Teaseviewer.CTI2.Mechanics.Tags.Tag;
import Teaseviewer.CTI2.Mechanics.Tags.TagDB;
import Teaseviewer.CTI2.Mechanics.Tags.Tags;
import Teaseviewer.CTI2.States.CTI_TypeState;
import Teaseviewer.Sets.CoreSet.CardTypes.CTI_Stroke_It;

public class CTI2_CoreSet_Stroke_It_001 extends CTI_Stroke_It{
    @Tags(metatags = {
     @Tag(metatags = {MetaDB.DECREASE})
    static String[] tags = new String[]{TagDB.STROKECOUNT};
    public  CTI2_CoreSet_Stroke_It_001(){
    super("/Pictures/CTI2.Number 0131.Core Set.Stroke It!.01.png", "Number 0131", "Wintermute");    
    initText("Your stroking count is halved.");

    public int chance(){  
    if(slideviewer.getStrokeCount() == 0){ 
    return 0;
    return (int)Math.min(200,50*slideviewer.getStrokeRatio()); 

    public void main() {

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