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Hello all.

I have been floating around the internet looking for porn games like this for a while.
I've seen CTI card sets around, but I didn't know what they where for.

Recently I've been getting into censored porn and found the pur.fi project, witch lead me here.

Everything here is shockingly high quality. I would love to become a part of this community.

I know how to program, so hopefully I can create some CTI2 scripts, or contribute to a CTI client.
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welcome to the party ^^
Programmers seem popular around here, i would not be at all surprised if they find a way to put your talents to use. The community is really nice so i like to hang out but i'm about as useful with programming as a monkey with a typewriter (unless you want a new backround in HTML for your myspace page my skills are unhelpful XD )
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