Core Set

The first Card Set, designed to be played without equipment.
Introduces the Core Rules.

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Core Set


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The Core Set:

The Core Set was the first Card Set forget by the original CTI-Community.
By design the Core Set can be played without requirements as (sex-) toys or items.
All you need is a Slideviewer and you can start the fun!

To expand the Core Set with more challenging Cards which require toys, items or serve more exotic kinks the Supplemental Set was created.

The Core Set is finished if you want to introduce new Cards which use the Core Rules (as most Cards do) publish them under the Supplemental Set.

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Basic Rules

Your Instruction cards should represent 10% of your slides. Ex: if you are using 235 cards your total file count should be 2350, so 235 instructions + 2115 images.

You begin the game with a stroking count equal to the number of seconds between each slides. Default is 10.

You may not cum at all until you are given a chance to cum card or another card with cumming as an option, but if you do cum it must be by following the cards instructions.

You may not stroke while an instruction card is on-screen. You may pause the show to read the instruction carefully and prepare to follow it.

All instructions last until stated, overwritten by another instruction or if conflicting with a newer instruction.

Both, Nice Mistress and Rough Mistress count as "Mistress".

If an instruction refers to the last digit(s) of the slide and you can't see it you must roll a 10 sided dice.

If you get into a chastity belt you may not stroke in any way and must wait for a key or for a Mistress to specify that you can get out of the chastity belt.

You may not exit the slideshow until you have had an orgasm, are ordered to do so by an instructional card, or finish the slideshow.

Default / Optional Penalties:

If you have to forcibly stop yourself from cumming (by not completing your stroke count per card) then you must ignore the next chance to cum card. Multiple instance of failing to complete your stroke count stack.

If you cum without permission, you may not masturbate again for 48 hours.

Rule summary:
  • Card to porn ratio is 1:10
  • Add cards and porn to a slide show set on random
  • Slide duration is 10 seconds
  • Initial stroking rate is 10 per slide
  • No stroking during instructions
  • New instructions override previous
  • Only cum when given a Chance to Cum
  • Do not exit until you cum or finish the slideshow
  • Set your own penalties for failure

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