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In this topic I will add the few censored sources that I know, there are a ton of them on twitter if you search, mostly in 2DFD, but you can't find much in only one account, so I will leave the links to the only 3 censored reddits I found on this category.




Besides that, I know a great captioner of this kind of contnent his @ in twitter is this one: "@descourdes" he does captions and often retweets much of this kind of contnent.

I know a few more reddit gropus that are kind of related in "contnent" means to the censored fetish, but that isn't the main focus, I will still leave them for anyone to enjoy.




These are definetely not the same as censored, but mostly there are clothed pics and that is kind of the same tease in terms of "You can't see".
If you have more sources for this kind of porn material, please feel free to add them in the comments, I'm sure a lot of people would find it really useful! <3

Much love and happy fapping.

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