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Hi all, recently stumbled across this on Tumblr. It uses Chrome for its censoring and kinda works most the time.
You can check it out in this link:

Its called BetaSafety.

Please note, I am nothing to do with it, just sharing :)
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I believe that that project is based on the project.

It's mentioned in the credits in the file.
That's actually how I ended up finding this web sight.

I think it's really cool.
Sadly for me it's Windows only, and it's proprietary so I can't really help with that, or extend it.

A cool idea I had for a program like that is for it to keep track of the number of offences, and the sights they occurred on.
Then it could have a porn report at the end of the week telling you how good/bad you have been.
Or you could have a count down of how many nude photos your allowed to see in a day.

I absolutely love the censoring browser extension idea. It good on it's own, but I think it also has a lot of potential for added mechanics.

I really hope that the chrome or the fire fox one goes open source, so myself and others can take the base plugin, and create our own experiences based off of it.
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